Spacey art…

A whole bunch of art stuff going on lately.

I have been playing with texture. I used brush strokes in heavy acrylic gel medium to create a texture and Then used layers of color on top. I love the way it came out. I am going to be experimenting a whole lot more with texture. It has a lot going on, maybe a little busy, but it was a successful outcome to my experiment.


What do you think?

I am also illustrating a book. This is m first book gig. It is taking ma a while. I have never really done a cohesive series of pieces for a single project, other than some graphics work I have done in the past. I will eventually share more about it, but for now, shhhhhh…..

Also, this past week I have been working on some fun art for the Femme Thou Art Collective’s monthly auction on Facebook. I did something a little different.


This is my piece for the auction.


Acrylic on Canvas

It is a “Cosmic Aquatica” themed auction. It will be going on until tomorrow.

To check it out: FTAC auction: Cosmic Aquatica


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My Hiatus

Hello all! I am finally back.

I cannot even tell you what took so long. Life, I guess. I am in still in Colorado and loving it.

Okay, I think that I mentioned a project that I was involved with called, 78 Tarot. 80 artists from all over the world were invited to this project. Each one crating a single card. This project, so far, has been one of the highlights of m life. I enjoyed it so much and it was such an honor to be working with artists that I have admired for so long. Here is the artwork for the card from that deck:

“7 of Pentacles”

Since then, I was invited back for the next project: 78 Tarot Nautical: Tarot of the Water.

Here is the art from that one:

“10 of Swords”

I feel that these experiences have helped me grow as an artist.

To see all the art from the first deck:  78 Tarot Artists

To see all the art from 78 Tarot Nautical: 78 Tarot Nautical Artists

Unfortunately, the first deck is sold out and is no longer available.

The 78 Tarot Nautical Deck is available for pre-order here: 78 Tarot Nautical: Tarot of the Water

I am also illustrating a book, which is what I have wanted to do since I was little. I am really excited about it, but can’t really share much of a glimpse, yet.



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A new start

I am finally in a new home in this new city and my computer is set up, which makes writing and sharing here a lot easier. Here is what I have been doing lately:

Also, I have some things in a big auction with the Femme Thou Art Collective over on facebook just in time for the Holidays! Here is the link:

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While I endure the wet weather..

It is raining, so I am playing on the computer. I did some paintings earlier this year that I never shared, so I am sharing now.




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I am pleased to be participating in the Femme Thou Art Collective’s auction this month. Here is my piece. The theme is “Queens and Crowns”.


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Time flies.

So, it looks like I haven’t been here since April! Wow! A few things have happened since then. The 78Tarot Project is in full effect. There is a Kickstarter and everything. We reached our goal and even a couple of stretch goals! There is another stretch goal coming up. Check out the Kickstarter.

My personal life has changed dramatically in a short period of time. The result? I am moving to Colorado Springs! It is so beautiful there.
Now some pics. Here is the art on my card, The 7 of Pentacles, for The 78 Tarot.


The 7 of Pentacles

I have also been doing sketches with ink. I love it!


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August 11, 2014 · 5:04 am

78 Tarot WIP

Here is a WIP of my card- the 7 of Pentacles. To see what this is all about go here—–>

I am honored to be part of this project.


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